Portable Sculpture: Meet the Artists

Portable Sculpture is a new group exhibition featuring fifteen artists who make work that is designed to fold up, pack down, or made while on the move.

The exhibition will open to the public as soon as government Covid restrictions are lifted. Until then, we'll be bringing you six films from artists discussing their work and why they've chosen to make portable sculpture.

Episode One: Mohamad Hafez

Our first episode highlights Mohamad Hafez, whose intricately detailed scenes are a powerful illustration of the aftermath of the conflict in Syria. In this fascinating film he discusses isolation, emotional baggage and making as a means of therapy.

Episode Two: Claire Ashley

Episode Two features Claire Ashley whose inflatable artworks sit somewhere between painting and sculpture. In this film she discusses the creation of her monumental sculptural work, that she makes to not only be portable, but also to entertain and delight.

Episode Three: James Ackerley

Find out about James Ackerley's Studio Objects, a series he has revisited for our exhibition. Originally made of cardboard, these works were designed for swift disassembly, as he's moved studios so often during the last five years. Having recently secured more stable studio space, he tells us what this stability has done for his practice and the difference it's made to his work.

Episode Four: Liz Ensz

Meet Liz Ensz who tells us about their sustainable practice, the origins of the work and their nomadic approach to making art.

Episode Five: Veronica Ryan

Veronica Ryan introduces the work on display in Portable Sculpture, discussing making work on the move, the use of embroidery in her pillow case pieces and the inspiration behind them.

Episode Six: Charles Hewlings

Charles Hewlings usually makes very large sculptures, which engage with their surrounding architecture to manipulate and activate space. By contrast he's worked on a much smaller scale with 'Valley Suitcase' which appears in the exhibition. In the final episode of the series, he reveals the inspirations behind the work and the very practical reasons it was made in a suitcase. 

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Dave Stephens

20 March 2021 10:06

Hi there, My name is Dave Stephens and I am an artist who works in film performance and sculpture. With reference to your forethcoming exhibition Portable Sculpture here is a link to a film that l made with Matt Page called Landscape Walking which fits perfectly with the theme. https://vimeo.com/42129359 Please pass to the curators of the exhibition. Best wishes Dave Stephens

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