Virtual Workshop Wednesdays: Toilet Roll Totems

Welcome to the second of our virtual workshops, inspired by Henry Moore's art. This week we're looking at Henry Moore's Upright Motive sculptures.

In 1954 Henry Moore worked with architect Michael Rosenauer on a design for the English Electric Company Headquarters in London. He produced eight sketch models which reminded Moore of the North-West American totem poles. Sadly the project was never realised, but the maquettes became the impetus for a series of large bronze Upright Motives.

We often have examples of these works in the grounds at Henry Moore Studios & Gardens and their distinctive shape gave our Archive Manager Emma an idea for a fun activity you can try at home. Please join us for our:

Henry Moore Totem Pole Challenge

If, like us, you have stock-piled empty toilet rolls over the past few weeks, why not make good use of them and join us for a sculpture challenge? We'd like to see the biggest, most imaginative, elaborate and amusing totem poles and Upright Motives that you can make from toilet roll inner tubes.

Our totem was made entirely from toilet rolls inners with five simple elements stuck one on top of the other. All you need to make your own is:

  • toilet roll inners
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • glue

Like Henry Moore, you could take your inspiration from nature. Or you could look at household objects for shapes to copy. Share your work with us on Twitter or Instagram and use the hashtag #ToiletRollTotems. We'll post our favourite examples for you all to see.

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