Virtual Workshop Wednesdays: Soap Sculptures

While our venues are closed, our staff have been trying out art techniques from our Workshop Wednesdays at home. 

Our Events Coordinator Sarah tried out sculpting using soap flakes and household tools to create texture. Watch the video and follow her instructions to try making your own soapy artworks (you will need an adult to help).

For this activity you will need:

  • A packet of soap flakes
  • A bowl
  • A hand mixer or whisk
  • Hot water to mix into the soap flakes (ask an adult to help with this)
  • A separate bowl of warm water
  • Something to protect your working surface and clothes

watch now

Video credit: Henry Moore Foundation 2020

Although we're using soap flakes to create art in this video, the process is quite similar to how Henry Moore worked in clay and plasticine. He used clay and plasticine to create small models, called maquettes, of his ideas for sculpture. These would often use found objects, such as bones, pebbles or flint, as a starting point.

Moore would also use plaster to create maquettes and larger models for his sculptures. In plaster he could carve into the surface to create shape and movement, he also used to take household objects including cheese graters into his studio to create surface texture in his work. You could find different objects and tools in your home to try (remember to ask first). What different lines and textures can you make?



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