Stewart Mason: Education, Collection, Exhibition

An evening seminar featuring contributions from Dr Peter Cunningham (Cambridge University), Dr Jeremy Howard (University of St. Andrews) and Prof. Alison Yarrington (Loughborough University).

Stewart Mason played a key role in City Sculpture Project, both as a selector and champion for art education more broadly. In this evening seminar, the three speakers will reflect on who Stewart Mason was, what led him to be so keenly involved with the project, and what happened at the end of the project. 

Peter Cunningham is a cultural historian with particular interests in education and the arts. After studying History of Art and Architecture at the universities of Cambridge and East Anglia, his doctoral research was conducted in Leeds on the history of art education and art in the public life of industrial towns during the nineteenth century. Most of his career was spent in teacher education at Oxford and at Cambridge, and inspired by the integrated curricula and child-centred approaches that followed the Plowden Report of 1967 he enjoyed teaching in progressive primary schools in Oxfordshire and Leicestershire.

He has pursued his interests through engagement in collaborative projects, for example co-editing The Decorated School: Essays on Visual Culture with Catherine Burke and Jeremy Howard (Black Dog Publishing 2013) and working with Japanese colleagues on Progressive Education in Japan edited by Yoko Yamasaki and Hiroyuki Kuno (Routledge, 2017 forthcoming).

Jeremy Howard is Senior Lecturer in Art History at the University of St Andrews, where he has worked since 1991. He has a long standing interest in the function and appearance of art in educational spaces and for educational purposes. He is particularly concerned with the representation, spaces and experiences of schooling, and grapples with the socio-political and pedagogic values that these may entail or involve. He has a long-standing interest in, and commitment to, cross-cultural communication. He also specialises in art c. 1900, as well as Russian and east European art, architecture and design. 

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