Christine Kozlov: Information

10 Dec 2015 – 21 Feb 2016

Exhibition in the Upper Sculpture Study Gallery, Leeds Art Gallery

Drawing from Kozlov's to date unexamined archive, Information explores how sculpture became redefined during the conceptual art movement, when idea came to take precedence over object.

Christine Kozlov: Information is the first solo exhibition of the American conceptual artist Christine Kozlov (1945-2005). Before moving to the UK in 1977, she played an active role in the development of conceptual art in New York from 1965.

Kozlov's work featured in a number of landmark exhibitions that defined this period, such as One Month (1969) organised by Seth Siegelaub, Information (1970) curated by Kynaston McShine at the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Number Shows, a series of exhibitions organised by Lucy Lippard between 1969 and 1974.

For Kozlov, and her peers, materials were of lesser importance than conceptual meaning. She often used materials associated with gathering information for empirical research, such as graph paper, photographic film and audio tapes, chosen for their utilitarian qualities. Drawing on research into neuroscience, human behaviour and habits, her sculptures range from books to typed paper sheets and musical notations.

Underscoring Kozlov's practice is an exploration of the limits of technology and the lifespan of information. 'Information: No Theory' (1970), for example, is a reel-to-reel tape recorder that collects the surrounding sounds of the gallery space. Equipped with a continuous loop tape, the recorder constantly records over previously recorded sounds, erasing its content. Other works in the exhibition include a closed canister of 8mm leader film, and a strip of white 16mm leader film, again displayed in a canister.

Kozlov's sculptures, drawings and notes for works consistently explore how knowledge is documented, processed and communicated. Often she remade her works, blurring the boundary between the original and its exhibition copy.

Christine Kozlov: Information endeavours to create a rapport between her sculptures, their exhibition copies, archival material, photographic documentation and contextual documents to addresses sculpture's concern with objecthood, space, encounter, time, duration, and our experience of an object and its imagined conceptual content.

The Terra Foundation for American Art supported essential curatorial research in the USA for Christine Kozlov: Information.

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Henry Moore Institute
The Headrow
United Kingdom
T: 0113 246 7467

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Galleries: Tuesday to Sunday, 10am - 5pm

Research Library: Monday to Saturday, 10am - 5pm; Sunday, 1 - 5pm
Archive of Sculptors' Papers: Tuesday to Friday, by prior appointment

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