Leeds (Partial View)

23 September – 16 December 2006

Exhibition in the Upper Sculpture Study Gallery, Leeds Art Gallery

In a series of evocative photographs made during his fellowship at the Institute in 2005, Frederico Câmara presents us with a vision of Leeds that is both mysterious and surprising.

Frederico Câmara’s work evolves through a documentary process, recording places he visits in a kind of visual travelogue or diary. Travel is not only something he undertakes, it fundamentally informs his work.

Since leaving his native Brazil in 1996, Câmara has lived in London, Michigan, Stuttgart, Quebec, Trondheim, and most recently Kyoto, taking on an identity as a perpetual visitor. Leeds became one of the stops on this ongoing journey, and the exhibition that has resulted from his visit captures the notion of travel, movement and dialogues between places.

Initially drawn to the Institute by its sculpture collections, Câmara used his access to the museums of Leeds to photograph spaces that the visitor does not normally see: a sculpture store, picture stacks, a disused library, an archive, an office. It is the idiosyncrasy of these environments - in which objects interact with people under unusual circumstances - that intrigues Câmara, and which resonates in his images.

In a series of large, intensely-coloured photographs, this exhibition reveals the artist’s unique vision of sculpture. Rather than an object isolated on a pedestal, sculpture for Câmara is one of the many peculiarities concealed in the environs of Leeds’ museums: statuettes and picture frames take their place alongside dinosaur bones and preserved fish-skeletons.

There is a timeless quality to these strange still-lives, as though they have always been there, waiting to be discovered. Setting up a series of enigmatic disjunctions between objects and spaces - a parallel perhaps for the artist’s own sense of dislocation - Câmara’s work at once uncovers and creates a world that seems both familiar and surreal.

Born in Brazil in 1971, Frederico Câmara studied at the Escola de Belas Artes of the Federal University in Minas Gerais, Brazil, before moving to the UK to complete his MA at Chelsea School of Art and Design in 2004. Leeds (Partial View) is his first solo exhibition in the UK. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at La Chambre Blanche, Quebec, the International Research Centre for the Arts in Kyoto, and at the Galerie Noua, Bucharest.

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