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The home of Henry and Irina Moore

About Hoglands

Hoglands was home to Henry Moore and his wife, Irina for almost fifty years. This book traces the development of the house, Moore's studio, Irina's garden and their art collections from the early 1940s to the late 1980s, placing the history of the house within the broader context of Moore's life and work. The book combines architecture, period interior design, and working practices with illustrations of the Moores' diverse personal art collection, their guests and their domestic routine. Many photographs are previously unpublished. Individual chapters focus on key themes central to each decade of the Moores' life at Hoglands: why they acquired the house; raising their daughter; Moore's reception of international architects, curators and dealers; the Moores as collectors; the family archive; and the recent restoration of the building. These are interspersed by sections reproducing archival photographs of Hoglands at different periods alongside quotations from those who visited the Moores at home. The book should appeal to all those with an interest in Moore's sculpture who are curious to know more about how he lived and worked.

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