On behalf of the Henry Moore Foundation, the Royal Academy of Arts has published a compelling new title focussing on this relatively un-documented aspect of Moore's work.


Until recently, the plasters were regarded as preparatory stages in Moore's sculptural process, rather than as works of art in their own right. In fact, their scarred surfaces convey a sense of immediacy and a complexity of texture less prominent in the highly finished sculptures in bronze. This lends them a disturbing intensity. Aware of the psychological and aesthetic changes that occurred in his sculptures once he cast them from plaster to bronze, Moore made a number in plaster only.

In the book, Feldman reappraises the significance of the works in plaster, while sculptor and former Moore assistant Malcolm Woodward recalls his time assisting the artist in their production. Other first-hand accounts are contributed by former assistants Anthony Caro, Derek Howarth and Phillip King. The book also contains a list of Moore's assistants.

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