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Sculpture in 20th-century Britain: Volume 2

A Guide to Sculptors in the Leeds Collections


The two volumes of Sculpture in 20th-century Britain start to retell the story of sculpture in this country as being as much outside as inside the gallery, by immigrants as much as by the 'British', and in the form of printed material as much as in primary production.

Volume II offers lively introductions to 175 sculptors practising in 20th-century Britain. It represents sculptors born after 1850 and before 1975, and includes any sculptures and works on papers in the collections of Leeds Museums and Galleries made by these sculptors, even if made before 1900.

With an introduction by Penelope Curtis (Curator of the Henry Moore Institute) and essays by Yves Abrioux, Michael Archer, Dore Ashton, Paul Atterbury, Nick Baker, Stephen Bann, Anne Barlow, Martin Barlow, Bruce Bateman, Lee Beard, Jonathan Black, Jonathan Blackwood, Iwona Blazwick, Stacy Boldrick, Nigel Boonham, Paul Bonaventura, Alison Bracker, Will Bradley, Tim Brennan, Katrina Brown, Ron Brown, Ann Bukantas, Stuart Burch, Robert Burstow, Eric Cameron, Roger Cardinal, Andrew Causey, Keith Chapman, Zelda Cheatle, Andrew Clay, Elizabeth Clegg, David Cohen, Judith Collins, Judy Collischan, Ann Compton, Lynne Cooke, Suzanne Cotter, Cathy Courtney, Sacha Craddock, J Craig Stirling, Sarah Crellin, Andrew Cross, Penelope Curtis, Simon Cutts, Jo Darke, Fiona Darling-Glinski, Charles Darwent, Amanda Davidson, Richard Deacon, Hilary Diaper, Richard Dorment, Jonathan Drake, Martina Droth, Jason Edwards, Patrick Eyres, Jes Fernie, Ellie Finch, Tina Fiske, Penny Florence, David Fraser-Jenkins, William Furlong, Matthew Gale, Margaret Garlake, Steven Gartside, Sam Gathercole, David Getsy, Liam Gillick, David Gilmour, Alison Glew, Claire Glossop, Tony Godfrey, Mel Gooding, Hilary Gresty, Alastair Grieve, Hans Kurt Gross, John Haldane, Martin Harrison, Tanya Harrod, Arie Hartog, Gill Hedley, Simon Herbert, Jane Hill, Greg Hilty, Antony Hudek, Jonathan Hughes, Celina Jeffery, Alex Kader, Stefan Kalmar, Julia Kelly, Mike King, Catherine Kinley, Gabriel Koureas, Catherine Lampert, Axel Lapp, Margaret Lewis, Jeremy Lewison, Clare Lilley, James Lingwood, Stephen Little, Fran Lloyd, David Lomas, Sue Malvern, Jonathan Marsden, Tim Martin, Miranda Mason, John McEwen, Ray McKenzie, Catherine McMahon, Corinne Miller, Claudine Mitchell, Catherine Moriarty, Catherine Moseley, Paula Murphy, Martin Myrone, Andrew Naylor, Vanessa Nicolson, Claire Obussier, Paul Overy, Lisa Panting, Alexandra Parigoris, Toby Paterson, Lisette Pelsers, Inés Plant, Alex Potts, Cathy Putz, Niru Ratnam, Ben Read, Jasia Reichardt, Margaret Reid, Alastair Rider, Treve Rosoman, Natalie Rudd, Julian Satterthwaite, Alex Seago, Joseph Sharples, Robert Short, Evelyn Silber, Peyton Skipworth, Joy Sleeman, Stephen Snoddy, Robin Spencer, Chris Stephens, Andrew Stephenson, Mark Stocker, Anthony Stones, Angela Summerfield, Adam Sutherland, Allan Swan, Barbara Thompson, David Thorp, Edward Tillotson, Toby Treves, Paul Usherwood, Adriaan van Ravesteijn, Jonathan Vickery, Anne Wagner, Nigel Walsh, Victoria Walsh, Philip Ward-Jackson, Dennis Wardleworth, Stan Whatmore, Michael White, Gillian Whiteley, Alison Wilding, Keith Wilson, Matthew Withey, Jon Wood, Tamsyn Woollcombe, Greville Worthington, Victoria Worsley.

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