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Bronze: The Power of Life and Death


Bronze: The Power of Life and Death concentrates on objects and artworks which best embody the associations with parallel worlds: with the elements, with the senses, with the gods, with heaven and hell, life and death. In doing so it brings to light the rich symbolic language of sculpture's most familiar material.

With a preface by Penelope Curtis (Curator of the Henry Moore Institute), introduction by Martina Droth and the following essays:

Bronze, the Mythology of a Metal
Frits Scholten

Under the Sign of Vulcan
Michael Cole

Catalogue of Exhibits:
Origins and Properties
Power and Mortality
Return to Origins

Martina Droth

Shipping rates:

UK: £3.00
Europe: £7.00
World: £11.00
World (Zone 2): £12.00

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