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Sculpture & Poetry

Sculpture and poetry are two of the oldest known art forms. The connections between them are many and layered yet often seem to hide in plain sight, buried by histories and theories of division and specialism. Distinctions between the plastic and linguistic arts, and the intellectual conventions built upon those distinctions, encourage siloed traditions that tend to ignore or fetishise the qualities of the other.

This six-month research season celebrates practitioners and scholars who explore these connections and have developed critical or imaginative ways of turning our attention to them. Bringing together two academic conferences and four public events, each of which invites a renowned artist and renowned poet to discuss the personal and creative overlaps between their fields, their concerns and their work, we will start to map some of these connections along with the latest ideas that are refreshing them.

Sculpture & Poetry microsite

A free-to-access, dynamic microsite, developed with our media partner Corridor8, forms a digital archive for this season.

It serves as a searchable resource for the whole programme as it grows, creates connections between content and themes, and includes comprehensive bios and reference material.

Events in this series: