The practicalities of how an artist approaches making a sculpture has often been shrouded in mystery. The relationship between artists and skilled fabricators is rarely acknowledged.

Exploring the blurred lines between art, craft and industry, this Research Season will make visible the ways in which sculptors in both historical and contemporary contexts have realised their vision through processes of collaboration and exchange, and will examine ways in which making sculpture has changed, particularly in light of the recent coronavirus pandemic.

This Research Season has been organised in collaboration with Pangaea Sculptors’ Centre and the Universities of Leeds, York and Sheffield.

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Roundtable Discussion: Fabrication as a Career

In-conversation Series: Thomas J Price

In-conversation Series: Heather Phillipson

Roundtable Discussion: Engaging Technologies / Emerging Technologies

In-conversation Series: Nicola Ellis

In-conversation Series: Ivan Clarke, Matt Ridsdale and Petra Schmidt


Events in this series: