Sculpture Research Programme

Our sculpture research programme places sculpture at the centre of current art historical scholarship and actively encourages new research.

Throughout our activities, 'sculpture' is understood as a complex and changing subject for enquiry - never settled, never resolved or easily defined.

We facilitate the study of sculpture from the Henry Moore Institute in the heart of Leeds, working with our world-class Archive, Library and Sculpture Collections.

An Academic Hub

Research at the Henry Moore Institute operates across disciplines and art forms. We pride ourselves on being a hub of contact and exchange, generating and supporting research networks that extend beyond the confines of academia.

We encourage researchers at all levels to seek our advice and make use of our resources. We have several programmes in place to allow scholars to dedicate time towards studying sculpture, including Fellowships, Internships, and extensive Post-doctoral research support.

Research Focus

At the Institute, sculpture is simultaneously addressed as a material object and an intellectual investigation, with the starting point being the artwork. Our study of sculpture embraces the historic, modern and contemporary.

In order to grasp the complexities of 'sculpture', research at the Institute operates across disciplines and art forms. At times we look to drawing, photography or architecture, or to wider fields such as politics or anthropology. We look to these specialisms, and more, in order to open up further dialogues around sculpture.

Each year our research is organised into specific areas of inquiry, with our interrogations made public through conferences, seminars, lectures and other events. Many of these are recorded and available in our digital library or published as online papers.