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Call for papers

We often hold conferences on a wide range of sculpture topics at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, Henry Moore Studios and Gardens in Hertfordshire, or with external partner venues.

Whenever we hold an open call for papers for a conference or event, the details can be found below. For more information please contact Kirstie Gregory, our Research Coordinator, or see our events section for all of our currently planned conferences and talks.

A Not Unruffled Surface: Contemporary Sculpture and Dress

Henry Moore Institute in collaboration with Piece Hall, Halifax
Friday 12 June 2020

We invite abstracts which examine and interrogate aspects of sculpture and dress in contemporary art, including:
- Situations, strategy and statement
- Technologies
- Survivalism and function
- Processes and making
- Dress as an allegorical device
- The anthropological
- Social histories and intersectionality
- Performance
- Activism

Deadline to apply: 6 January 2020

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Sense - Perception: Sculpture, Drawing and the Influence of Classicism

Saturday 12 October, Henry Moore Studios and Gardens, Hertfordshire
Friday 29 November, Henry Moore Institute, Leeds

We invite 300 word abstracts on the importance of drawing to sculptural practice, including:
- Representing lost origin(al)s
- The classical as a lens for the contemporary
- The incomplete drawing/the incomplete sculpture
- Fragmentation, recreation, renewal and restoration
- The (im)possibilities of the page
- Classicism in surrealist drawing practices
- Drawings of chance and contingency
- The space of the drawing and the architecture of the gallery
- Drawing as mediation
- The changes in the sculptors' drawing curriculum
- Sculptor's drawings and the art market
- Sculptural thinking through drawing: negotiating three dimensions in two

Deadline to apply: 7 June 2019

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ORDER‽ Art, Classicism, and Discourse, from 1755 to Today

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, United Kingdom
15-16 November 2019

We invite submissions of 250-300 words from scholars and artists at every career level for papers on topics involving classicism and art from 1755 to today, including:
- Gendered uses of classicism in art
- Queer classicisms
- Non-Western classicisms
- Contemporary art practice and uses of 'classicism'
- Problematic or challenging 'classical' objects
- Canon and canonising
- The classical/anti-classical and politics
- Nationalism, internationalism and empire
- Narrative, title and text as ordering principles

Deadline to apply: 15 April 2019

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New Sculptors, Old Masters: The Victorian Renaissance of Italian Sculpture

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, United Kingdom
Friday 8 March 2019

We invite proposals for twenty-minute papers exploring how nineteenth-century sculptors and critics directly encountered Italian Renaissance sculpture, in its broadest sense, through public and private collecting in Britain as well as travel on the Continent.

Deadline to apply: 30 November 2018.

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New Directions in the Study of Medieval Sculpture

Henry Moore Institute, Leeds, United Kingdom
Friday 16 March - Saturday 17 March, 2018

This two-day conference seeks to assess and critique the state of the field on medieval sculpture and to investigate new directions, approaches and technologies for research.

Deadline to apply: 30 September 2017

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