As the world's richest resource for scholars of Henry Moore, and the custodians of an unrivalled sculpture research centre, we seek to support, generate and disseminate research on Henry Moore and sculpture in general.

We do this by welcoming self-led researchers to our two venues in Leeds and Hertfordshire, through formal research opportunities, by hosting talks and conferences, and by engaging in collaborative research activities with a range of partners.

Sculpture Research Programme

We actively encourage new research into historical and contemporary sculpture at the Henry Moore Institute in Leeds, using the resources of our Library and Archive of Sculptors' Papers.

We offer Fellowships, Internships, and Post-doctoral research support, as well as hosting conferences and publishing new research on sculpture.

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Researching Henry Moore

Research on the life and work of Henry Moore is an integral and on-going part of work at the Henry Moore Foundation.

Staff at Henry Moore Studios & Gardens, Hertfordshire document and examine Moore's working processes and artistic output, assist external scholars and curators, and undertake authentication research on works believed to be by the artist.

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