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Portable Sculpture: Online Creative Activities

Create a 3D landscape inspired by Portable Sculpture artist Liz Ensz, try out a series of quick activities created by Fine Art students from Leeds Beckett University, and check out young artists' responses to our exhibition.

Make a 3D landscape inspired by artist Liz Ensz

Liz Ensz creates sculptures using fabric draped over random objects. She is interested in man-made landscapes, the impact of mining and our use of natural resources, and prints images from Google Earth on to huge pieces of fabric.

To make your own 3D landscape, you'll need:

- Random objects of different shapes and sizes
- Blankets, towels, sheets or clothing
- Ribbons, scarves or string to add lines


Portable Sculpture: family activities

We’ve collaborated with Fine Art students from Leeds Beckett University to make a series of quick activities for families and young people themed around the Portable Sculpture exhibition.

Pick up a zine, postcard or even a packet of seeds in our galleries, and follow the instructions to complete activities during your visit or afterwards at home. All materials are free, but supply is limited, so don't miss out!


Leeds Beckett University students' responses to Portable Sculpture

Fine Art students from Leeds Beckett University create their own responses to Portable Sculpture, looking at how issues raised by the exhibition are reflected or revealed within their own lives, particularly now that their home and working environments had changed so drastically by the coronavirus crisis.

The thematic sections of the exhibition: Leaving Home; The Art of the Flatpack; Building Worlds and Made in Transit became catalysts for varied and imaginative responses to both the exhibition and the ‘new normal’ - further proof, were it needed, of the endless adaptability of artists.