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Art Encounters - Portable Sculpture

Welcome to Art Encounters. You can view the video resources below, and download the accompanying resource packs.

These free resources are aimed at pupils aged 10-16 years, but can be adapted for older and younger learners.

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This video introduces the Portable Sculpture exhibition and the themes it explores. This should be shown to students first, before viewing any of the other episodes.


Episode 1: Places and Spaces

Explore three artworks that are inspired by places and spaces, and our relationships with them. This episode introduces work by Do Ho Suh, Mohamad Hafez and Liz Ensz.


Download resources to make a totemic sculpture inspired by Louise Bourgeois (1MB)


Episode 2: People, Communities and Cultures

Discover three artworks which were inspired by people, or the artist’s heritage and culture. This episode introduces work by Romuald Hazoumè, Veronica Ryan and Louise Bourgeois.


Download instructions for making an inflatable sculpture (0.4MB)


Episode 3: The Art of the Flatpack

Encounter an inflatable sculpture called Clown (Laughing Stock) by Claire Ashley, and meet James Ackerley, who tells us more about his sculptures and his artistic process.


Download Magic Grid Puzzles resources (8MB)