Learn more about projects and commissions that we have recently funded in each of the Henry Moore Grants categories.

Current Projects

Artist Award Scheme in focus: Bob Spriggs, Jade Montserrat, James Lake and Nancy Allen

In this group of artists, examine Bob Spriggs' kinetic sculptures inspired by and fashioned from magnetic forces, explore race and representation in the north of England from Jade Montserrat's black diasporic perspective, marvel at James Lake's elaborate and sophisticated cardboard sculpture, and see how Nancy Allen combines everyday objects with decorative elements.

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Artist Award Scheme in focus: Nicola Ellis, Rachal Bradley and Stuart Whipps

Learn more about Nicola Ellis' interests in the systems of value in industrial processes, Rachal Bradley's reflections on bodies interacting with their environments, and how Stuart Whipps interrogates archives to unearth fresh insights into historical events.

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Artist Award Scheme in focus: Lindsey Mendick, Louise Barrington, Madeleine Pledge and Nick Gordon

Take a closer look at Lindsey Mendick's ceramic storytelling, Louise Barrington's graceful and poetic explorations of space, Madeleine Pledge's use of the language of clothing as a way of discussing the human body, and Nick Gordon's love of materials and instinct for collecting.

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Artist Award Scheme in focus: Katie Schwab, Leo Fitzmaurice, Liam Fallon and Lilah Fowler

This week, learn more about Katie Schwab's research-based practice into underrepresented histories of domestic and civic design, Leo Fitzmaurice's interest in the everyday, Liam Fallon's exploration of queer culture, and Lilah Fowler's interpretations of the intertwining of digital and material worlds.

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Artist Award Scheme in focus: Jasleen Kaur, Jill McKnight, Joanne Masding and Kathryn Ashill

This week we're highlighting Jasleen Kaur's hybrid objects and ongoing exploration of cultural malleability, Jill McKnight's storytelling through sculpture, Joanne Masding's interest in our relationship with cultural objects, and how Kathryn Ashill's work pursues the theatrical in the everyday.

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Artist Award Scheme in focus: Emily Hesse, Flora Parrott, Hetain Patel and James Clarkson

In this group of artists we look at Emily Hesse's connection to the post-industrial landscape of Middlesborough, Flora Parrott's interest in subterranean experiences, Hetain Patel's use of humour in decoding identity and authenticity, and James Clarkson's fascination with materiality and everyday objects.

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Artist Award Scheme in focus: Becky Beasley, Charlotte Dawson, David Kefford and Dominique White

This round of artists takes in Becky Beasley's enigmatic works on ambiguities of human experiences, Charlotte Dawson's interest in collecting as a form of 'memory making', David Kefford's subversion of common objects into new sculptural scenarios, and Dominique White's weaving together of Black Subjectivity, Afro-pessimism and nautical myth.

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Artist Award Scheme in focus: Anna Berry, Anne Vibeke Mou, Appau Jnr Boakye-Yiadom and Ashley Holmes

This week we take a closer look at four more artists who received funding from our Artist Award Scheme: discover Anna Berry's delicate paper constructions, Anne Vibeke Mou intricate work with glass, Appau Jnr Boakye-Yiadom's multilayered, performative installations, and Ashley Holmes' exploration of of Black British identity through music.

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Artist Award Scheme in focus: Aaron McPeake, Alberta Whittle, Alexander Duncan and Alex Frost

Learn more about Aaron McPeake's interactive, multi-sensory sculptures, Alberta Whittle,'s reflections on memory, trauma, and the legacy of postcolonial power, Alexander Duncan's sculptures that blur the lines between reality and illusion, and Alex Frost's tongue in cheek look at the contemporary phenomena of 'life on-the-go'.

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Artist Award Scheme

The Henry Moore Foundation has shown its on-going commitment to the future of sculpture with the announcement of its new Artist Award Scheme. As a response to the pressures brought about by the current Covid-19 pandemic, the Foundation has allocated more than £60,000 of funding and resources to directly assist 40 artists at a time when other sources of income might no longer be available.

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Light and Language

Lismore Castle Arts
Amount awarded - £5,000.00

Taking the work of Nancy Holt as a centre point, this exhibition brings together six artists whose work explores ideas of light and language. This is the first time Holt’s work has been seen in conjunction with twenty-first-century artists who have drawn from her legacies.

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Past Projects2019

Commissions/Exhibition/Exhibition catalogues

Haroon Mirza: The Construction of an Act

14 September - 17 November 2019

Australian Centre for Contemporary Art
Amount awarded - £4,000.00

Working with kinetic sculpture, live performance and immersive architectural installations, Mirza's work tests the possibility of the visual and aural as a unified sculptural art form.

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On the Corner

Amount awarded - £2,300.00

Coinciding with Yorkshire Sculpture International, BasementArtsProject's On The Corner is a series of five commissions by four artists that responds to the idea that 'there is a basic human impulse to make and connect with objects'. Bruce Davies, the curator of the project, discusses here how art can bring new life to an area of South Leeds with an ever increasing population and rapidly declining access to communal space.

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David Nash: Sculpture through the Seasons

3 May - 1 September 2019

Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales
Amount awarded - £5,000.00

This large and ambitious exhibition of David Nash's sculpture is a fitting tribute to an artist who has made work in the Welsh landscape for five decades.

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Hannah Perry: A Smashed Window and an Empty Room

16 February - 28 April 2019

Kunstverein in Hamburg
Amount awarded - £3,000.00

British artist Hannah Perry's first solo institutional exhibition in Germany encompasses sculpture, installation, video and performance, with which she explores personal memory in today's hyper-technological society.

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