Taking the work of Nancy Holt as a centre point, this exhibition brings together six artists whose work explores ideas of light and language.

Nancy Holt (1938-2014) was a key member of the Earth, Land and Conceptual art movements, best known for her large-scale environmental works such as Sun Tunnels.

For Light and Language, Lismore Castle is showing Holt's room-sized installation, Electrical System 1982, for the first time in over thirty years. One of the artist's 'systems sculptures', Electrical System is a network of light made up of over a hundred glowing lightbulbs, designed to reveal the inner workings hidden within the structure of a building.

A range of Holt's rarely seen works accompany Electrical System, including concrete poetry, photographic experiments with light and shadow, works relating to her iconic Sun Tunnels (1973-76), and her video collaboration with Richard Serra, Boomerang (1974). Within the castle grounds and Lismore town are Holt’s Locators, which she described as being “literally seeing devices” simultaneously focusing, extending, and showing the limits of vision.

This is the first time Holt’s work has been seen in conjunction with twenty-first-century artists who have drawn from her legacies. The five artists joining her in this exhibition - A.K. Burns, Matthew Day Jackson, Dennis McNulty, Charlotte Moth, and Katie Paterson - have each chosen works for the exhibition they feel resonate with Holt’s ideas and artworks.

They have worked with sound, sculpture, performance, words, and light, with artworks ranging from film of a total solar eclipse, sculpture made from mangled chain-link fencing, and responses to the unique architecture of Lismore Castle. Though diverse in appearance, these works are united in asking questions about perception and the way we might understand our place in the world.

The Henry Moore Foundation awarded £5,000 towards this exhibition.

Light and Language was due to open at Lismore Castle Arts, Ireland on 29 March, but in light of increasing concerns relating to COVID-19 the exhibition has been postponed. Revised dates will be announced when they are known. For more information see lismorecastle.ie.

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