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When Henry Moore set up the Foundation he charged it with looking after his legacy, and caring for the tangible material of works and papers. To do this, the Foundation continues the catalogue of his work that he began in his lifetime, and maintains it with records of newly-discovered works.

Our expertise in the work of Henry Moore and archive of unpublished resources makes us uniquely placed to assess artworks through visual analysis and in-depth research. Our opinions are trusted by museums, galleries and auction houses as well as private collectors worldwide.

We are currently undertaking a long-term project to re-publish Henry Moore's entire output in one comprehensive, illustrated online catalogue raisonné. The catalogue, available through the links on this page, now features the artist's entire output up to 1949, including several works that were not published in previous printed volumes.

We offer a research service divided into two logical stages making it both cost effective and efficient:

Stage 1: Submit a research enquiry

The assessment process begins with a research enquiry. Complete the online enquiry form with as much information as possible about your artwork including images, dimensions and provenance. We will then check this information against our records. Once our research is complete, we will inform you whether your work ties in with our records. 
Administration fee: £100 + VAT per object
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Stage 2: Review Panel

If stage 1 proves inconclusive, we may recommend that your artwork is submitted to the Review Panel for further analysis. Our panel of experts will review the preliminary research and examine the artwork itself before offering their opinion.
Administration fee: £300 + VAT per object
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Disclaimer and Exclusion of Liability

All research conducted by the Henry Moore Foundation shall be confidential. However, the Foundation’s opinion is itself not confidential; it is in the public domain and can be shared. If you show or report the contents of the opinion to any other person without first drawing their attention to the terms of this statement, you should point out that if such a person relies on the opinion they shall do so at their own risk absolutely and should seek their own professional independent advice.

The Henry Moore Foundation (on its own behalf and on behalf of its agents, servants and employees) accepts no liability of whatsoever nature arising whether directly or indirectly from or as a result of any errors, inaccuracies or omissions, purported or otherwise, contained in the opinion and whether caused by the negligence of the Henry Moore Foundation or otherwise.

Stage 1: Research enquiries

The assessment process begins with a research enquiry...

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Stage 2: Review Panel

Details of the Foundation's Review Panel

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Research and Review Panel FAQs

Detailed information about the assessment process

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Henry Moore online catalogue raisonné: 1914-1929

The first instalment of the Henry Moore online catalogue raisonné, this collection illustrates Moore's artistic output from his earliest works until 1930.

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Henry Moore online catalogue raisonné: 1930-1939

This second instalment of the Henry Moore online catalogue raisonné shows works produced during the 1930s.

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Henry Moore online catalogue raisonné: 1940-1949

This third instalment of the Henry Moore online catalogue raisonné features the Shelter Drawings of the Second World War, among other works produced by the artist from 1940 to 1949.

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Turning the pages

Explore a selection of interactive early sketchbooks, drawings and sculptures.

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