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Yoko Terauchi 'Ebb & Flow'

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Ebb & Flow by Yoko Terauchi, Coracle Press, 1988
Video credit: © Yoko Terauchi and Coracle Press. Film produced by Anna Ratcliffe during her Internship with the Henry Moore Institute, 2017

Ebb & Flow was produced at Coracle Press, London in 1988 in an edition of 20. A pigment-coated, diagonally torn sheet of paper is concertina-folded between screen-printed and drilled plywood end-panels. The book can be read from any direction as it has no clear defined back or front.

The Research Library holds the following book works by Yoko Terauchi:

Terra (1984)
Ebb & Flow (1988)
Cuckoo (1992)
Coil/Join (1994)
One (2012)

The Library also holds publications that contain writing about Yoko Terauchi's book works:

Sculpture in 20th-century Britain: A Guide to Sculptors in the Leeds Collection (2003)
The Space of the Page: Sequence, Continuity & Material (1998)