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Audio Visual recordings

A selection of these recording can be seen here, with many more available to view or listen to in the audio-visual library. Please contact the Librarian for more information or come in and see us - the library is open seven days a week, no appointment necessary.

Dennis Oppenheim: Fireworks Signs

Dennis Oppenheim was a pioneer of new sculptural thinking, using fireworks, flares and machines as sculptural materials.

To accompany the 2013-14 exhibition 'Dennis Oppenheim: Thought Collision Factories', the Henry Moore Institute restaged three ignitions of Oppenheim's fireworks signs, originally made in 1975.

Fireworks and flares are at their most material as they dematerialise, a process involving sight, sound and smell.

Bruce Lacey's 'Old Money Bags' in action

“The spectacle of mass-consumption turned into a fully functioning robot dictator made out of his own discarded products, simultaneously hilarious and terrifying.”

Bruce Lacey, artist

'Old Money Bags' is an electronic robot, assembled from found rubbish, including an old tailor's dummy, the hand from a shop mannequin, a bike chain and the counting mechanism from inside a till.

It is designed so that whenever a viewer shouts into the attached microphone, the contraption slowly grinds into action, pumping bags of money through the 'heart' of the piece.