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In the audio-visual library you can listen to past lectures and conferences, explore images of works from the Leeds Sculpture Collection and watch footage from past exhibitions and events.

This growing collection includes documentaries on artists, where you can learn about an artist’s practice, observe how to curate an exhibition and listen to artists discussing their views on contemporary sculpture.

It also features an extensive collection of slide images, housed in purpose-built display units, that depict artworks, exhibitions and events from throughout the Foundation's history.

Our audio-visual resources are easily accessible, with listening and viewing facilities available within the Research Library. Please feel free to contact us in advance if you require assistance, or speak to a member of the library team once you arrive.

Below are a secection of recent films produced alongside our exhibition programme, available to watch online.

The Sculpture Collections

The Sculpture Collections joins the Henry Moore Institute and Leeds Art Gallery in one of our most expansive and ambitious displays to date. Explore the best of the Leeds Collection in this video.

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Jiro Takamatsu: The Temperature of Sculpture

Jiro Takamatsu (1936-98) is central to the development of post-war art in Japan. He expanded points into volume, brought sculptural actions into the life of the city, and made shadows and perspective tangible. Curator Lisa Le Feuvre gives an introduction and insight into Takamatsu's work.

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City Sculpture Projects 1972

See Nicholas Monro's 'King Kong' on its journey from Cumbria to the Institute in Leeds. Our exhibition revisits the sculpture's creation as part of the ambitious, multi-city exhibition that brought sculpture into daily urban life.

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The Body Extended: Sculpture and Prosthetics

Our Summer 2016 exhibition traced how artists have addressed radical changes to the very thing we humans know best: our bodies. Three videos document Rebecca Warren's 'Man and the dark'; prosthetic limbs from the early 20th century; and how Franz West's 'Adaptives' interact with the human form.

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Dennis Oppenheim: Thought Collision Factories

Dennis Oppenheim was a pioneer of new sculptural thinking, using fireworks, flares and machines as sculptural materials. To accompany this exhibition in 2013-14, the Institute restaged three ignitions of Oppenheim's fireworks signs, originally made in 1975. Fireworks and flares are at their most material as they dematerialise, a process involving sight, sound and smell.

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United Enemies

This 2011 exhibition looked at work made by artists in Britain during the 1960s and 1970s, a time when the idea of sculpture was being radically contested. It included two mechanical sculptures: Bruce Lacey's 'Old Money Bags', an electronic robot assembled from found rubbish; and Barry Martin's wall-mounted kinetic sculpture, 'Programmed Shape Development'. Videos of these pieces in action can be seen on the exhibition page.

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