The artist discusses his belief that sculpture should be appreciated by all five senses.

Romanian / British artist Paul Neagu (1938-2004) first came to the UK in 1968. Initially he lived and worked in Edinburgh under the wing of arts impresario Richard Demarco, exhibiting in the Demarco Gallery, before settling in London and going on to show work nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions.

Neagu's ‘Palpable Art Manifesto' was written in 1969 and published in 1971. The artist saw many visible and invisible links between art, mankind, animals, society, the earth and the universe.

From this wide and complex perspective, he developed the idea that at artwork should be able to be appreciated by all of the senses. To him, the idea of privileging one sense over the others made no sense at all.

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Paul Neagu, interviewd by Mel Gooding for the National Life Stories project Artist's Lives, 1994-1995
Video credit: The British Library Board