Henry Moore cycling in the countryside.

With the Grand Départ of the Tour de France starting in Yorkshire, the Archive Team has uncovered a series of images of Henry Moore on his bicycle. It is believed that Moore used his faithful bike to travel between studios on his estate at Perry Green, saving both time and shoe leather.

Just as the peloton will do as they travel the length of the county, Moore recalls cycling into the Yorkshire countryside in this childhood recollection:

“We never went away on holidays, but we went walking or bicycling - not far, say the two or three miles to Pontefract. We would go blackberrying or collecting chrysalises. And I loved fishing in streams and pools and in old clay quarries.

Half a mile outside Castleford, you would be in lovely countryside. There was a great contrast between the weekdays when you would play in the streets and the weekends when the countryside was what mattered. The back streets which were so grimy and muggy and dirty made one love the country. I knew I liked the countryside, but I was most conscious of the contrast.”

Henry Moore

Hedgecoe 1986, p32