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Life at Perry Green - talks and lectures

A series of talks held at Perry Green in 2017 by Gemma Levine, David Mitchinson, Stanley Jones and Auberon Hedgecoe, and Mary Moore (available soon).

Gemma Levine: With Henry Moore

Leading portrait photographer Gemma Levine spent time in her early career at Perry Green, working with Henry Moore. She eventually published a book on her time with the artist. Gemma has since taken portraits of many prominent sitters, including David Hockney and the late Princess Diana. Join Gemma and art historian and curator, Ann Harezlak as they discuss Gemma's time here at Perry Green and her work with Henry Moore.

David Mitchinson - 'Remember the matchstick'

David Mitchinson, long time assistant to Mr Moore and former Head of Collections & Exhibitions will talk about finding the right environment for sculptures outdoors, starting with his experimental work with Henry Moore at Perry Green. David has taken a quote from Irina Moore as inspiration for his talk.

Henry Moore's Lithographs: with Stanley Jones and Auberon Hedgecoe

Stanley Jones, former Studio Director, and Auberon Hedgecoe look at Moore's lithographs and the relationship that he shared with The Curwen Studio.