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Camera Three Presents: Henry Moore with Rosamond Bernier

A fascinating series of excerpts from a 1974 Columbia Broadcasting Service documentary filmed to mark the opening of the Henry Moore Sculpture Centre at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

In this important documentary Moore is filmed in conversation with the journalist and noted art historian Rosamond Bernier at his home in Perry Green, Hertfordshire. We have put together a series of extracts looking at key works and themes from Moore's work, including viewing sculpture in the round.

Extract 1: Seeing Sculpture in the Round

Moore discusses the importance of seeing sculpture from all angles.

Extract 2: Knife Edge: Two Piece

Henry Moore talks about Knife Edge: Two Piece and why large bronze works are hollow

Extract 3: The Sheep Sketchbook

Moore looks through and discusses the Sheep Sketchbook drawings

Extract 4: Large Standing Figure: Knife Edge

Moore talks about one of his most recognisable works