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Turning The Pages - Helen Chadwick's notebooks

View virtual versions of the influential and pioneering artist's notebooks.

Helen Chadwick (1953-96) was a British sculptor, photographer and installation artist. Eight of Chadwick's notebooks are available and condense her research from her time as a student at Brighton Polytechnic during the early 1970s. They contain detailed notes, sketches and ideas providing a fascinating insight to her early work.

Turning the Pages allows the reader to magnify or rotate the book, and a panel of information about each notebook can be accessed by clicking on the 'text' button.

Notebook on early work (1972-75)

Contains detailed ideas and sketches on the development of early works made when Chadwick was a student, including notes on 'juicy jokes', ideas for self portraits and sketches of chocolates entitled 'erotic exotica'.

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Further notebook on early work (1975-78)

This notebook continues the detailed ideas and sketches from the first notebook on the development of early works made when Chadwick was a student.

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Notebook on 'Model Institution' (1980)

This notebook charts the development of 'Model Institution', an installation with sound about unemployment that was shown at various venues from 1981-1983.

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Notebook on 'Fine Art / Fine Ale' (1981)

Covers Chadwick's Artist in Industry Scheme placement with Yorkshire Arts and John Smith's brewery around the north of England during 1981.

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Notebook on 'Ego Geometria Sum' (1981-83)

Contains detailed notes on the ideas, research and development for 'Ego Geometria Sum' including how Chadwick approached the subject of her past and memory.

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Notebook (1984-92)

Containing notes on various works, such as 'Of Mutability', 'Allegory of Misrule' and from Chadwick's commission based in the Pembrokeshire National Park which resulted in 'Viral Landscapes'.

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Notebook (1987-96)

Contains ideas, sketches, technical drawings and notes on the development of works from 'Lumina' to 'Unnatural Selection', including notes on practical information related to the making of works.

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Notebook on 'Viral Landscapes' (1988-89)

Technical notes on the making of 'Viral Landscapes', mainly relating to the computer program 'Synervision' that Chadwick used to construct the work.

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