Gill Armstrong

Monday, 22 February 2021

With great sadness we share that our colleague and friend Gill Armstrong has passed away. Gill was a much valued employee of the Henry Moore Foundation for over 21 years, having joined the Henry Moore Institute, Leeds in 1999. Her contribution across the entire spectrum of our work was immense, be it as a P.A., an editor, an organiser, an ever-sharp proofreader, a researcher or through the delivery of her shrewd, dry wit at just the right moment. Her loss will be felt by so many who have worked with us over the past two decades, from our staff to our artists and fellows, academics and audience communities. Our thoughts are with her family, friends and all those who knew her. We miss her enormously.

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Gillian Roberts

25 April 2021 15:25

I will miss Gill waiting for me outside the Henry Moore gallery. In fact I won't be able to pass there without thinking about her. When I retired and bemoaned the fact that I wouldn't have another Christmas Do, we decided to have a 'two Gill's' Christmas Do and a not so secret Santa. I've lost my partner in crime. It's criminal not to have a last drink in the Spoons before catching the train. Gill was an exceptional friend and confidante to me and I miss her terribly, but she's left me with plenty of happy memories. Love you 💔

Janet Kitchell (nee Frisby)

24 March 2021 12:51

I can’t believe that I have lost such a close friend. We may have lived 100miles away from each other for the last 30 years, but our friendship remained strong. I will never forget her - she and I bought our first home together in Leeds in the early 80’s and the memories of that time, as well as earlier at “the Vicarage’ will never fade. I loved her dearly and was so happy that Ali managed to locate me to pass on the sad news. There will be big hole in my heart, but I will remember all the good - and drunken times we had together with much happiness. Rest in peace Gill ♥️♥️

Ali Roberts

23 March 2021 17:22

I've had the privilege to count Gill as one of my closest friends for over 50 years. Only just beginning to come to terms with her loss. We've had countless adventures together over the years and many, many fun filled and happy times. Will miss you dreadfully, but will be forever grateful of the good times that we've had.

Jean McCullough

23 March 2021 16:46

Gill was the bright light at College in York, the person you wished to be at the party or in the pub; her rendition of “Wuthering Heights” would leave us all on the floor!! Embrace your quirkiness and individuality, just like our Gill and NEVER sleep through your train stop!! God bless dear friend, Darrell & Jean (Florida)

Liz Finch

23 March 2021 15:44

So very sad to hear Gill has passed away. We were inseparable at college. Happy memories of parties, concerts, parties, holidays and interrail round Europe. Non-stop laughter. Gill was a one-off. All our love.

Lynne Clark

23 March 2021 15:24

I am very saddened by the news of Gill's passing. We met at college and formed a happy friendship group with others on our course. I have fun filled memories of holidays together, enjoying her sharp wit and humour on many occasions. Rest in peace Gill. You will be fondly remembered.

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