The Unfinished Object - expanded talk by Tyler Coburn

For the past five years, artist Tyler Coburn has studied different moments in industrial history: from the origin of the word “sabotage” in the unlikely clog (or sabot), to the recent push for highly automated, “lights out” factories. These case studies are historically disparate, but reflect Coburn’s ongoing consideration of how technological advances affect human labour, and the means workers have taken to resist, negotiate, and integrate such advances into their professional lives.

Coburn is currently engaged in research at the Henry Moore Institute, with a focus on Garth Evans’ fellowship at the British Steel Corporation from 1969-71, as part of a scheme organized by the Artist Placement Group (APG). For this expanded talk, Coburn will discuss Evans’s fellowship, share images and videos from the archives, perform excerpts of his own work, and draw connections between his and Evans’ conceptions of the relationship between art and industry.

This expanded talk is the first of its type at the Henry Moore Institute and will take place throughout the Henry Moore Institute Research Library, using archival materials sourced from Garth Evans' archive.

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