Giorgio Sadotti: From Navels to Nipples Henry Moore

2 May – 3 June 2006

Exhibition in Gallery 4

Drawing from the Henry Moore Institute's Research Library, Sadotti has created a book by systematically making circular holes in images. These disks, their radius dicated by the distance between the models' navel and closest nipple, are displayed in this exhibition.

The exhibition consists of what is not in the book: the circles which are removed from the original books' pages. While the book itself is the 'frame' - the cut-out holes showing through to the adjoining pages - and the show is the 'part' - the 'whole' can still be found on the library shelves, in the form of the 23 titles which served as Sadotti's source material.

These books inevitably focus on the body, as so many art books do, and in particular on the female nude. Individual artists who feature strongly include Hans Bellmer, Salvador Dalí, Allen Jones, Yves Klein and Auguste Rodin, alongside some of the major recent surveys of the body in art.

The meticulous compilation of Sadotti’s book - which involves the ‘skewering’ of a sequence of carefully gradated circles, centred on the navel - is belied by its humorous collaged aspect. In fact, however, the mathematical precision which underlies the project as a whole is very much part of Sadotti’s approach to art. By taking a single motif, gathering it up and organising its display according to a new formal principle, he re-invents his subject matter and re-orders the world.

Giorgio Sadotti lives and works in London. He has recently exhibited at PS1 in New York, at Washington State University, and at Platform in London. Projects have included his curators’ dinner-party in London and classical violinists playing police sirens in New York. He continues to work with both visual and aural materials, mixing categories and expectations. This frequently involves compressing or stretching his material according to new physical or temporal parameters, as with From Navels to Nipples Henry Moore.

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