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Vittorio Messina: A Village and its Surroundings



Italian artist Vittorio Messina understands beauty in a pre-modern way, as an expression of moral value. He makes material forms of ideas deriving from Utopia, or surviving from classical architecture and urban design. In this way, he can be described as a political artist, as an artist engaged in the morality of modern life.

This catalogue was published to accompany the exhibition the exhibition Vittorio Messina: A Village and its Surroundings (25 March - 30 August 1999, Henry Moore Studio, Dean Clough), and contains extensive photography of the show, along with texts by Robert Hopper, Vittorio Messina, Plato, Franz Kafka, James Joyce and St. Augustine.

Shipping rates:

UK: £3.00
Europe: £6.00
World: £7.50
World (Zone 2): £14.00

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