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Imi Knoebel: Primary Structures 1966/2006


Documenting the first major solo show of Imi Knoebel (b.1940) to be held in Britain, this catalogue examines the German artist's relationship between painting, sculpture and installation.

Penelope Curtis (Curator of the Henry Moore Institute) discusses the exhibition in a short introductory text, Palindromes: a few observations about beginnings and endings, followed by a detailed list of works broken into three parts. The first focuses on the history of 'Raum 19', the second on early works in the show, and the third on Knoebel's most recent paintings. With a translation into German by Brigitte Kalthoff, and installation photography at the Henry Moore Institute.

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UK: £3.00
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World: £14.50
World (Zone 2): £16.50

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