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Hamo Thornycroft & The Martyr General


The events in the design and production of Hamo Thornycroft's statue of Major-General Charles George Gordon (1888) are described in this fully illustrated catalogue, drawing on the extensive Thornycroft archive held in the Institute. Text by Adam White, with a foreword by Dr Terry Friedman (Principal Keeper, Leeds City Art gallery and The Henry Moore Centre for the Study of Sculpture).

IThe Martyr General
II'Illustrious Men': The London Commission
IIIYoung Hamo
IVA 'Fine Soldierly Fellow': The Statue Progresses
VSelecting the Site
VIThe 'Big Gordon'
VIIThe Pedestal
VIIIGordon-Worship: The Melbourne Commission
IXThe London Memorial Installed and Unveiled
XA 'Great Success': The Critical Reception
XIThe Melbourne Memorial Unveiled
XIIThe 'Wee Gordon'
XIIIThe Critical Heritage
XIVThe Later History of the Two Memorials

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