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Work and the Image: The image of the worker in the work of the sculptor (No. 21)


This essay looks at three artists who have addressed different phases of industrialisation, each being concerned with the social displacements which have accompanied that process.

Each artist is closely linked to a particular locale, a time an a place: Hamo Thornycroft in his semi-nostalgic return to an agricultural past; Henry Moore in returning to the mining town of his childhood; and Ghisha Koenig working in the factories of a post-war New Town.

In this Issue:

Retrieving Lost Meanings in Hamo Thornycroft's The Mower
Terry Friedman

Work and War: Henry Moore's Coalmining Sketchbook
Fiona Russell

The Anatomy of the Factory: the Drawings of Ghisha Koenig (1921-1993)
Dorcas Taylor


This essay was written to accompany the exhibitions Work and the Image: Moore's Miners (29 January - 19 April 1998, Gallery 4), Work and the Image: Ghisha Koenig (29 January - 19 April 1998, the Upper Sculpture Study Gallery, Leeds Art Gallery), and Work and the Image: Hamo Thornycroft's 'The Mower' (29 January - 19 April 1998, Leeds Art Gallery).

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