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Gaston Lachaise and 'Elevation' 1912-27 (No. 38)


Gaston Lachaise (1882-1935) occupies an unusual position in the history of twentieth-century sculpture - working in both Europe and the USA, and between avant-garde and commercial circles in the pre- and post-WWI period.

In this essay, Jon Wood discusses the range of influences on Lachaise during the years he spent making his most famous large-scale sculpture, Elevation (1912-27), a period in which the artist moved to New York, got married, became a US citizen, and marked his inclusion in The Armory Show and his first three solo exhibitions in New York City.

This essay was written to accompany the exhibition Refashioning the Figure: Gaston Lachaise and 'Elevation' (8 February - 4 May 2003, the Upper Sculpture Study Gallery, Leeds Art Gallery).

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