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Henry Moore Foundation Collection Programme 2017

Release date: Thursday, 10 November 2016

    Items from the Henry Moore Foundation collection feature in a number of external exhibitions in the UK and overseas in 2017.

    Kunsthalle Memmingen, Germany

    Henry Moore: Sheep Drawings

    15 October 2016 – 29 January 2017

    Best known as a sculptor, Henry Moore was also an excellent draughtsman. His Sheep drawings and prints are the focus of this exhibition, which comes entirely from the Foundation’s collections. Moore began to draw the sheep in the fields outside his studio at Perry Green in 1972. As he later recalled, he started just for the pleasure of drawing for its own sake: ‘At first I saw each sheep only as a big ball of wool with a head and four legs. But gradually, as I got interested, I began to look more intensely – which is what drawing from life always makes you do.’ The subject continued to fascinate him for years, and his images of sheep often have the feel of individual portraits rather than generic studies.


    The Lightbox, Woking, UK

    Henry Moore: Sculpting from Nature

    21 January – 7 May 2017

    This exhibition explores Moore’s use of found objects such as bones, skulls, pieces of flint, driftwood, shells and stones. Showcasing over 100 drawings, prints, sculptures and studio items from the Henry Moore Foundation collection, the exhibition examines the artist’s life-long interest in nature and traces the process of transformation from object to drawing to finished sculpture.


    Museum Sønderjylland, Kunstmuseet i Tønder, Denmark

    Henry Moore and Scandinavia

    30 April - 3 December 2017

    Shown alongside works from the Tønder museum collection, this exhibition explores various themes in the work of Henry Moore which can be related to the Nordic art tradition and the work of artists such as Vilhelm Hammershøi, Asger Jorn, Erik Thommesen, Per Kirkeby, Svend Wiig Hansen, Per Inge Bjørloe and Ian McKeever. Themes include anxiety, landscape, and design. The exhibition features a selection of over 80 Henry Moore drawings, sculpture and textiles from the Foundation’s collections.


    Stiftung Seebüll Ada und Emil Nolde, Germany

    Henry Moore

    30 April - 3 December 2017

    A counterpart to the Moores’ home in Perry Green, the Ada and Emile Nolde Foundation in Northern Germany will display four bronzes by Henry Moore in the beautiful gardens surrounding the artist’s home. Whilst Moore was inspired by the natural landscape and objects around him, the German-Danish Expressionist, Nolde (1867-1956) found inspiration for his painting in the garden that he designed and cultivated.


    Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck, Germany

    Henry Moore: Obsession, Vision, Creation

    28 May 2017 - 8 January 2018

    This exhibition, one of the largest Moore shows to be staged in Germany in recent years, will combine an indoor and outdoor display of his monumental bronzes with three smaller displays presenting a conversation between Moore and Hans Arp focused on their work in the 1930s; a dialogue with the Old Master works in the Rau Collection for UNICEF on long-loan to the Museum; and an archival display retelling the story of the 1979 commission of Large Two Forms for the building of the Bundeskanzleramt in Bonn. Drawn entirely from the Foundation’s collection, the exhibition will include over 80 artworks as well as a wealth of archival and studio materials.