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Henry Moore, Upright Motive No.8


Upright Motive No.8

LH 388
bronze edition of 7 + 1
cast: Corinthian, London
height 198cm

In 1954, Moore was commissioned to produce a sculpture for the courtyard of the Olivetti building in Milan. ‘A lone Lombardy growing behind the building convinced me that a vertical work would act as the correct counterfoil to the horizontal rhythm of the building ... I started by balancing different forms one above the other - with results rather like North American totem poles - but as I continued the attempt gained more unity and also perhaps became more organic.' Although the project was never realised, the maquettes that Moore created became the impetus for the upright motive series. The plaster maquettes for the upright motives were made from two clay moulds into which Moore pressed a line of found objects.