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Leeds Beckett University students' responses to Portable Sculpture


In February 2021, the exhibition Portable Sculpture did not open at the Henry Moore Institute. The galleries were filled with artworks from across the world, but for a further three months the doors remained closed, a symbol of the ongoing lockdown necessitated by the coronavirus crisis. Despite being in the planning stages for nearly two years, the exhibition’s themes took on a new resonance in these strange circumstances. Confined to their homes and halls of residence for most of the academic year, second year Fine Art students from Leeds Beckett University found themselves identifying with many of the artists featured in the exhibition, particularly those who had been compelled by circumstances to find new ways of working.

The students were asked to think about the issues raised throughout the exhibition, and about how some of these issues were reflected or revealed within their own lives, particularly now that their home and working environments had changed so drastically. The thematic sections of the exhibition: Leaving Home; The Art of the Flatpack; Building Worlds and Made in Transit became catalysts for varied and imaginative responses to both the exhibition and the ‘new normal’ - further proof, were it needed, of the endless adaptability of artists.

Download booklet of student responses (PDF, 1mb)