Internships at The Henry Moore Institute

The deadline to apply for our 2013-14 has now passed. We will begin advertising new internship projects in Winter 2014.

Each year we invite applications for four funded internships from students across MA programmes at UK universities. The internships are aimed at students who have an interest in sculpture and are intended to provide practical experience of working in a museum environment. Internships relate to our collections, exhibitions and research programme and involve students working with our resources and curators.

The timing of each internship is arranged according to applicant and project schedule. Travel and, if necessary, accommodation will be provided. An award of £250 will be given to students at the end of the two-week internships.

This year the following internships have been awarded:


Hannah Biggs, MA Cultural Studies, University of Leeds

Sculpture and Mathematics internship. The Institute is in the early stages of researching relationships between sculpture and mathematics, looking at subjects such as geometry, quantity, structure, space, multiplicity, patterns and logic - intrinsic aesthetic connections as well as shared questions and qualities. Working with the Institute Library and Archive collections the internship involves compiling a bibliography, sourcing images/artists and developing ideas alongside Institute staff as the starting point for an academic conference in 2014.


Nele Luttmann, MA History of Art, University of York

Avebury internship. This project involves research focusing on the famous Neolithic stone circles and pre-historic landscape around the village of Avebury, which contains the largest stone circle in Europe This historic site of megalithic monuments represents one of the most important historical sites in the UK. The Institute would like to look more closely at the relationship between henge monuments, stone circles and other monumental sculpture to identify shared intentions and important differences.


Natalie Meer, MA Contemporary Curating, Manchester Metropolitan University

Library Display: My Life by Anton Lesseman. This project centres on a forthcoming Research Library display designed to coincide with the recent publication of issue 68 in the Institute's journal Essays on Sculpture, My Life by Anton Lesseman. The Essay, comprising selected extracts from a to-be-published biography of an imaginary artist, has been written by artist Paul Becker who is donating Lesseman's archive to the Henry Moore Institute Archive of Sculptors' Papers. The internship involves working with Institute staff to select items from the donation to create a Library display in 2014.


Elspeth Mitchell, MA Cultural Studies, University of Leeds

Publications internship. This internship was aimed at an applicant with an interest in a career in publishing. The key tasks of this internship will be to research the publishing field for current books on histories of exhibiting sculpture and interviews with sculptors; to research exhibitions internationally relating to our existing publications; to identify gaps in current publishing on sculpture.