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Imaginary Archives

Accompanying the Whitechapel Gallery exhibition 'Sculptors' Papers from the Henry Moore Institute Archive'
External event
29th January 2015
Whitechapel Gallery, London E1 7QX, 7-9pm

Modern Japanese Sculpture

Institute Conference
31st January 2015
Henry Moore Institute Seminar Room, 2-6pm

The Event Sculpture schedule

Institute exhibition
2nd February 2015
Events taking place on the Henry Moore Institute façade, moving into Galleries 1, 2 and 3 on 3 February

Turning the Henry Moore Institute Inside-Out

Institute Gallery Discussion
25th February 2015
The Henry Moore Institute, 2-4pm

Tom Overton on 'Bust of Mr Thomas Dokepanol' (c. 1940) by Peter Peri

Leeds Sculpture Collections Single Sculpture Lecture Series
4th March 2015
Henry Moore Institute Seminar Room, 6pm

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