Trevor Tennant at work in his studio

Courtesy of the Estate of Dorothy Annan and Trevor Tennant/Leeds Museums & Galleries (Henry Moore Institute Archive)

The Henry Moore Institute houses and maintains the Leeds Museums & Galleries archive of sculptors' papers. Covering the eighteenth century to the present day it has a particular emphasis on the twentieth century and contains a diverse range of papers relating to British sculptural practice. There are particularly important collections of photographs and drawings.

The Archive is closely related to the sculpture collection of Leeds Museums & Galleries and the Henry Moore Institute library. Together they provide an important research facility to enable a greater understanding of the history and practice of sculpture.

The Institute maintains an online archive catalogue that allows you to search through the collections online.


The Archive welcomes gifts and bequests from sculptors and their families and institutions related to sculptural practice. Offers of material or information about potential archives should be directed to the Archivist; please contact Claire Mayoh: