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Your details

Organisation details

If you are applying as an individual for the Research & Travel grant please enter your name and home postcode in the organisation and postcode fields.

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Please confirm that you have authorisation to make this application from a senior representative of the organisation
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Your project

Please tell us about your project by completing all the fields below.

Category of grant
New projects and commissions
Acquisitions and collections
Research and development
Conferences, lectures and publications
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Please list the names of artists you are seeking funding for within this project. Please note they must be confirmed at the time of application.


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Project budget

Detals of amount required and how that figure is arrived at. If you are VAT registered please use net figures throughout.

Your budget must balance: the Expenditure and Income must total the same amount. Please use GB pounds sterling for all entries and use full pounds, no pence.



Details of efforts made to find other sources of income, eg whether any firm commitments have been received, and what others are hoped for. Expenditure and income must total the same amount. Please use GB pounds sterling for all entries below

Supplementary material

Please provide the following in pdf format only

  1. No more than 10 images per artist in a single file to support your application (This could be images of recent work or of the proposed project).
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV) of the artist/s invloved in this project (If more than one artist please attach a single document with an abbreviated CV for each artist).
  3. If this is your first application please attach a copy of your audited accounts

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