In these two extracts, British artist Keir Smith considers the different roles drawing, painting and sculpture have played in his practice.

In this first interview snippet, Smith considers the central role of drawing in his creative process, as he notes and gathers ideas in sketchbooks and then repeatedly redraws them before they are realised as artworks.

All of Smith's sketchbooks, which he made use of consistently throughout his career, are held by the Henry Moore Institute Archive, serving as a fantastic document of his entire oeuvre.

In the second extract, Smith describes his transition from painting into sculpture. As a student at Newcastle upon Tyne University in the early 1970s, he experimented with shaped canvases and different methods of applying paint.

This period became the focus for a later exhibition, Keir Smith: Form Wall to Floor, displayed at the Henry Moore Institute from 21 March - 23 June 2013, which encompassed sketchbooks, photographs, drawings and three dimensional works from 1968 to 1979.