Our partnership with National Life Stories provides access to a number of interviews with sculptors from the Artists' Lives series.

National Life Stories was established in 1987 to document the lives of people living in Britain. Housed at the British Library, the Artists’ Lives series provides a unique resource for those exploring the lives of artists within the wider context of British society.

Sculptors interviewed include Ivor Abrahams, Ralph Brown, Stephen Cox, Elisabeth Frink and Eduardo Paolozzi. The interviews offer an insight into a sculptor’s upbringing, their academic and working practices, while exploring the artist's views on wider culture and society.

If the following extracts leave you intrigued, the full interviews are available in the Research Library, alongside many publications detailing the work of these sculptors.

Ian Hamilton Finlay

The scottish artist and poet talks about his inspiration for making the bronze sculpture 'Panzer Leader' - the two tortoises who lived in his garden.

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David Nash

Recalling a lecture given by Claes Oldenburg at Chelsea School of Art, the British sculptor David Nash describes how the talk stimulated ideas relating to his own artistic practice.

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Keir Smith

In these two extracts, Keir Smith considers the central role of drawing in his practice, and describes his transition from painting into sculpture.

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Michael Lyons

The British sculptor describes a memorable research trip he took to Romania in 1975 in order to see Constantin Brancusi's 'Endless Column'.

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John Hilliard

In this extract, John Hilliard discusses the sculptural elements at play in his photographic tryptich 'December Water'.

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Paul Neagu

The Romanian / British artist discusses his 'Palpable Art Manifesto' and his belief that sculpture should be appreciated by all five senses.

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