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Henry Moore's Parkhill Road Studio

The Archive at Perry Green contains a wealth of information and images relating to Henry Moore. It also holds images of artworks created by other artists who were inspired by Moore.

This painting of Henry Moore's London studio at 11a Parkhill Road, Hampstead was created by Ivon Hitchens in 1929. The artists met when Henry and Irina moved to Hampstead in the same year.

Along with the Moores, Ben Nicholson, John Skeaping and Barbara Hepworth, Mary and Douglas Jenkins, Hitchens travelled to Happisburgh, Suffolk to holiday together. The artists would paint, sculpt and enjoy time on the beach, taking inspiration from the coastline and surrounding countryside. Friendships were maintained, despite busy lives, for many years to come.

Hitchen's painting Still Life, Cyclamen can be seen on display as part of Moore's collection of art in Hoglands.