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Henry Moore and Table Tennis

September marks the beginning of the European Table Tennis Championships, to be held at Ekaterinburg, Russia.

“I started playing table tennis at the Royal College of Art. It was always very popular in the old Common Room. Some students became terrific experts. I still enjoy it very much and play often.”

Henry Moore by John Hedgecoe

Nelson, London 1968, page 259

Henry Moore was an enthusiastic table tennis player, with tables at both Perry Green and his Italian villa in Forte dei Marmi. Mary Moore recollects:

“My father had a great sense of humour, often commented upon by his friends. Talking about him Tony Caro once said he was ‘amazingly open to the possibilities in sculpture and anything else really; and fun too, with a sense of humour'. My father loved games. He was very physical, as sculptors should be, he had boxed as a young man and as a family we played tennis and competitive billiards, snooker and ping pong.”

Hoglands: The Home of Henry and Irina Moore

Lund Humphries, London 2007, page 65