Seasonal Greetings from the Archive at Perry Green.

The three days of Christmas were often the only times during the whole year, with the exception of Wimbledon Tennis Championship fortnight, when Henry Moore's diary was free of appointments. With the office closed Moore was free to enjoy the company of family and friends.

Moore received seasonal gifts from far and wide, ranging from boxes of grapefruit to poinsettias and prompt thank you letters were sent, often via his secretary Betty Tinsley. During our open season visitors to Hoglands can see some of the gifts sent to the family stored amongst other vittles in the Moore's pantry.

Although snow at Christmas is a rare thing, we are lucky to have images of Moore admiring his garden from the Large Sitting Room in Hoglands, whilst enjoying an afternoon tipple on Christmas Day, 1970. These shots were captured by photographer Errol Jackson who was staying in the village over Christmas.