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See Moore: the Frank Farnham Collection

In the late 1990’s we acquired the archives of Frank Farnham, Moore’s Foreman and father of sculpture assistant John Farnham.

The collection contains over 14 hours of silent Standard 8 Cinefilm which Frank took to document the day-to-day running of the estate, the enlargement of sculptures, the team of assistants, visitors, photographers, film crews and foundry staff and cranes moving works in and out of Perry Green.

Our team has selected a small number of clips from the Farnham Collection for you to watch online and we will be uploading further footage the future. Far more footage is available to research in person at Perry Green. Please make an appointment if you'd like to view the collection.

Henry Moore photographing his sculpture 'Atom Piece'

Moore photographs his bronze sculpture 'Atom Piece' in his grounds at Perry Green, Hertfordshire.

Henry Moore Riding his Bike at Perry Green

Moore would cycle from his house Hoglands at the top of the estate at Perry Green, down to the studios.

'The Archer' returning to Perry Green

In 1965 Henry Moore sent a plaster version of his sculpture 'Three Way Piece No.2: Archer' to the Globe Theatre for a memorial to poet T.S.Eliot.

Henry Moore works on plaster for 'Two Piece Reclining Figure: No.3'

Watch Mr. Moore in his Yellow Brick Studio as he re-works the plaster version of his sculpture, adding more detail to the figure in this film from the Frank and John Farnham Archive Collection, Spring 1960..