With Henry Moore’s Draped Seated Woman, known to all as Old Flo, returning to London, we wanted to share a gem from our Archive collection with you.

Here is footage of the original installation of the sculpture being sited by Henry Moore at the Stifford Estate, 1st July 1962, with his assistant Clive Sheppard.

The film was taken on Standard 8mm cine camera by Moore’s Foreman, Frank Farnham. Frank’s son John, was one of the last assistants to work with the artist before his death. The film is part of an archive of 14hrs of footage we are currently in the process of preserving in digital format for future generations to view. 

As you can see from the clip, lots of local people are eagerly watching the artwork being installed, probably not even aware that the artist is amongst them! Perhaps a member of your family was there? Do you remember the sculpture as a child? If so get in touch and share your memories with us. The Archive team are always happy to hear from people with a link to the artist.

Henry Moore can be seen with his camera taking photographs of the sculpture as the crane lowers her onto the pedestal steps. As Moore was a keen photographer, we are lucky enough to have these, and other shots from the day, in our archive collection at Perry Green.

If you would like to know more about our film or image collection, get in touch with our Image Archive Coordinator, Charlotte Bullions.

Draped Seated Woman will be on display at Canary Wharf, London from Wednesday 25th October 2017.